The following inscription is found on the floor before the śāstā shrine of Kāmākṣi amman temple, Kāñcīpuram. Though it is fragmentary it has some value in the history of the temple. So far the fragmentary inscriptions of Rājarāja I was considered as the earliest of the temple. Since the later copy of the inscription of Rājasiṃha pallava refers some Buddhistic temple, this new inscription can be considered as the earliest.


          The inscription belongs the period of Parāntaka I (907-953 CE) of Coḹa line. The inscription starts with “Madhurai Koṇḍa Ko..”. This phrase is common between Parāntaka I and II as well as the name of the official “Cempiyan Mūvenda veḷān”. Hence only the paleography is the only factor that can decide on the date. Paleography leads us to the period of Parāntaka I.

Line 1: ஸ்வஸ்திஸ்ரீ மதிரைகொ

Line 2: டாவது பெரியசோழப்போ

Line 3: னயனாகிய செம்பியன் மூவேந்..

Line 4: ம் ஒன்றினுக்குப் பொன்…
Line 5: கிங்கச்சிப்பேட்டு ஸபையோம்…

Line 6: பூவும்…

          The inscription refers to a gift of gold by the officer Cempiyan Mūvendaveḷān. Further it makes reference of Kaccippeṭṭu sabhai i.e the sabhai of Kāñcīpuram.

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