The following inscription is found on the South wall of the First prākāra of Vedapurīśvara temple, Cheyyāṙu. The inscription is recorded with the number 86 in the ARE of the year 1900 and the text alone is published in the South Indian Inscription Volume VII with the number 95.

We know that the place is called as Tiruvottūr (Vedapurī) in the Devāram hymns. The well known story of Jñāna sambandha who converted a female palm tree to a male one to defeat the Jains held here. The sthalavṛkṣa of the temple is Palm tree and the same is praised in the inscription.

Line 1: स्वेच्छाचारविनोदिने श्रुतिपुरीवासाय

Line 2: कामद्रुहे वामश्यामलिमाभिराममहसे क

Line 3: स्मैचिदस्मै नमः। स्वात्मीकारचमत्क्रियापरि

Line 4: मलं यस्योपकण्ठे वसन्नद्धस्त्रैणमनो

Line 5: हरेण वपुषा पुष्णाति तालः पुमान्।।

Metre : śārdūlakrīḍitam

स्वेच्छाचारविनोदिने श्रुतिपुरीवासाय कामद्रुहे

वामश्यामलिमाभिराममहसे कस्मैचिदस्मै नमः।

स्वात्मीकारचमत्क्रियापरिमलं यस्योपकण्ठे वस

न्नद्धस्त्रैणमनोहरेण वपुषा पुष्णाति तालः पुमान्।।

svecchācāravinodine śrutipurīvāsāya kāmadruhe

vāmaśyāmalimābhirāmamahase kasmaicidasmai namaḥ|

svātmīkāracamatkriyāparimalaṁ yasyopakaṇṭhe vasa

nnaddhastraiṇamanohareṇa vapuṣā puṣṇāti tālaḥ pumān||

          Praṇāms to the great light which is very charm by the gray glow on the left side and which is delighted by the actions of own and dwells at śrutipurī (Tiruvottūr). The Palm tree which resides besides him, extends the fragrance of the astounding oneness with the great soul by its beautiful physical appearance got from its previous feminine form.

          Thus the significance and the story of the palm tree are well described in the inscription. The inscription can be dated as 12th – 13th on Palaeographical ground.

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