The following inscription is found on a Vīrakal at Someśvara temple at Baṅgavādi Near Kolar, Karṇāṭaka. The inscription is in Kannada style Tamil and inscribed in Vaṭṭeḹuttu characters. The inscription belongs to the reign of Narasiṃha varmā I of Pallava dynasty. The inscription refers the death of certain servant of Bāṇa king. The name of the servant is missing. The name of the Vāṇa king is Kanda Vāṇadhi Arasar.

     The inscription is published in Epigraphia Carnatika Volume X with the number MB 227.


Line 1: கோவிசைய நரசிங்க விக்கிரமபரும..
Line 2: யாண்டு இருபத்து நால்காவது தடியங்க..
Line 3: வாணராசரும் மயிந்திரமிக்கரமரும்
Line 4: எறந்த தொன்று கந்த வாணதிஅரசர் ஸேவகரி
Line 5: ஸே..ளிகர் எறிந்த பட்டார் அது கன்னடகருங்கங்க
Line 6: இதற்கழி….ங்…ர்பாத….

          In the twenty fourth regnal year of victorious Narasiṃha vikarama varma, after the death of Taḍiyaṅga Vāṇarāsa and Mahendra Vikrama varma, Se..ḹigar, servant of Kanda Vāṇadi arasar, died. One among the kaṇṇḍa or Gaṅga who tries to destroy this… will….

          It is very interesting to note that this inscription is in Vaṭṭeḹuttu character and found in Karṇāṭaka. This refers the death of Mahendra varma and a Bāṇa king. But it is puzzling that why a servant died after the death of Mahendra Varmā in the 24th regnal year of Narasiṃha Varmā I i.e 654 CE.

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