There some other materials that are used for Manuscripts. Compasses or bow pen are used to draw lines and circles. Rāyapaseṇiya sutta lists some of the names of instruments that are used for manuscripts. Burnishing stones and conch are used for polishing. The pen box is also used for stylus and pens. Sometimes ink pot is attached with a pen holder. Other instruments are listed below.


          For drawing parallel lines on paper and birch bark, a board is fixed with strings horizontally at equal distances. Paper to be ruled is plaved over it and rubbed with a piece of cotton. This is called as Rekhāpaṭī or Samāsapaṭī.


          This term is referred in Rāyapaseṇiya sutta. Commentators interpret this as ink pot. But further analysis reveals that the term refers the Vyāsapīṭha which is placed beneath the manuscript while reading.

          Śṛṅkhalā is the other term which is used in Rāyapaseṇiya sutta which is clearly the chain that connects the ink pot. The term “Kambī” is nothing but the two boards that are placed on either sides of a manuscript.

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