The leaves of a manuscript might be stitched or unstiched. Usually palm leaves and Bhūrja patras will be bound by a cord that passes through a hole made for the purpose. Even handmade paper are also not stitched.

Daśavaikālika sūtra mentions the following types of Manuscripts.

  1. Gaṇḍī
  2. Kacchapī
  3. Sampuṭa phalaka
  4. Muṣṭī

Gaṇḍi is a manuscript thickness of which corresponds o its length and appears like slab. The manuscript which is wider in middle is called as Kacchapī. A manuscript with wooden side boards is called as Sampuṭa phalaka. Muṣṭi is a small manuscript which can be held in one’s fist.

In North India the handmade paper manuscripts are termed as Pothī, Potho, Guṭka and Pānāvalī.

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