Cognition with horse-wife

Sūrya, the Sun god wedded Saṃjñā, daughter of Viśvakarmā. As she couldn’t bear his heat, she went to her maternal home after making Chāyā her own shadow as her substitute. Since she couldn’t stay there, she took the form of a horse and did hard penance at Uttarakuru land. By the biased acts of Chāyā, Yama, son of Saṃjñā, threatened her and got cursed. He made a complaint to his father. After the threatening of Sūrya, Chāyā revealed the truth. After knowing the truth, The Sun God went to his Father-in-law’s house and enquired about his wife. Viśvakarmā, his father-in-law, told him about his heat and advised him to reduce his form and heat. After his approval he sharpened his form and heat. After getting new form, Sūrya went to Uttara Kuru with a horse’s form. He got his wife and beat her with his face. He tried to have an intercourse with her. At the end of the intercourse, she vomited his semen since she couldn’t identify him. By that there were born twins with the face of horse who were called as Aśvini Devas, the physicians for the celestials. This story is described in the 11th chapter of Svarga Khaṇḍa of Padma Purāṇa.

तवातितेजसो भीता प्राप्योत्तरकुरून् वने।

वडवारूपमास्थाय संज्ञा चरति शाद्वले।

द्रष्टा हि तां भवानद्य स्वभार्य्यां तात मा रुष॥

लब्धानुज्ञोऽथ सविता गत्वोत्तरकुरूनथ।

स हरिर्हरिरूपेण मुखेन समताडयत्॥

त्वरमाणा च सवितुः परपुरुषशङ्कया।

सा तन्निरवमत् शुक्रं नासिकाभ्यां विवस्वतः।

देवौ तस्मादजायेतामश्विनौ भिषजां वरौ॥”

इति पाद्मे स्वर्गखण्डे ११ अध्यायः॥

This story is depicted in the south of the Antarāla of the śivālaya at Mālegitti, Bādāmi. The panel is as follows.

Sūrya & Saṃjñā

Sūrya & Saṃjñā

In this panel, Sūrya is depicted with a weapon and pulls the head gear of Saṃjñā. He tries for intercourse. The half horse Saṃjñā is depicted beneath him with a worrying face. She holds her cloths.

Picture courtesy :  Chi. Arvind Venkatraman

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  1. so thats one mystery sculpture clarified for me ! Used to wonder about that half human horse.
    But am really intrigued by such incredible purana stories …..i guess they all have some inner meaning ( sookshmam) who knows !

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