We know that the two predominant empires of deccan during the middle period of 11th CE were Coḹas of Gaṅgai Koṇḍa Coḹapuram and Cālukyas of Kalyāṇī. Other dynasties were allying behind these two empires. The clashes between these two empires were started by Rājarāja I (985-1014 CE) who conquered Satyāśraya (997-1007 CE). After him, his successors, starting from Rājendra I till Vīra Rājendra quarreled with the Cālukyas. The quarrel ended during the reign of Vikramāditya VI (1076-1126 CE) who made an agreement with Kulottuṅga I  (1070-1125 CE).

`        In between we can see the war of Rājādhirāja Coḹa (1018-1054 CE) who was killed in his last battle held at Koppam. The first war with the Cālukyas was held during the reign of his father Rājendra I. The second war was initiated by him circa 1046 CE. The third and last war between Rājādhirāja was held during 1054 CE.

          Here the commander in chief of Rājādhirāja is mentioned as Appimaiya alias Rājendra Coḹa Brahmādhirāja. With his title Brahmādhirāja clearly states that he was a Brahmin and was serving from the period of Rājendra I. He was made a representative in the Kaḍapā region of Andhra Pradesh which is denoted as Mahārājavāḍi 7000. He was assisting Rājādhirāja in his battles which is attributed by the title “Daṇḍanāyaka”.

          The counterpart of the war was Someśvara I alias Āhavamalla who ruled from 1043 to 1068 CE. He was assisted by a Brahmin commander-in-chief, Nāgavarmā. He was the principal officer and he had the following titles

  1. Vindhyādhipa malla śiraśchedana
  2. Cakrakūṭa kālakūṭa
  3. Dhārāvarṣa darpotpāṭana
  4. Mārasiṃha mada mardana

From the above titles, it is clear that he was a man of valour and participated in many battles.

Though there is no direct evidence to claim that these both have indulged in direct fight, It can be assumed through the contemporaneous status of the both.

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  1. Sir,
    Naga-varma would be a kshatriya name, is it not ?
    Naga-sarma would have been more appropriate had he been a brahmin general.

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