Stone was used for writing from very early times. There are so many instances where stone epigraphs are found with great eloquence. But in the view of manuscripts only few of them can be considered as manuscripts containing scriptures. Though the edicts of Aśoka, Tāḷḷaguṇḍa pillar inscription, Hathigumpha Cave inscription and Kanyākumāri stone epigraph can be considered for their literary beauty, they are documents of charity made by kings and others. The pure literary epigraphs are

  1. Musical notation in Pallava Grantha script from Kuḍumiyān malai


2.Praśasti śataka of Kacchavāha vaṃśa at Padmanātha temple, Gwalior

3.Harikeli Nāṭaka of Vigraha IV and Lalita Vigraharāja Nāṭaka of Somadeva are partly preserved in Ajmir.

4.Unnata śikhara purāṇa, a jain work is engraved on a rock near Bijola anda dated as 1169 CE.

5. Pārijātamañjari of Madana and Kūrma śataka of Bhoja are found in two slabs at Dhar.

6.Ākhyāta pratyayas in Devanāgarī script are found in Kamal Maula Masjid, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh


7. Niroṣṭya kāvya is found engraved on Hanumakoṇḍa, Andhra Pradesh.

8. Part of Sūrya śatakam is found on the Kaccapeśvara temple, Kāñcīpuram.

In recent times also, the kīrtanas of Tyagarāja are engraved around his Samādhi.

Thus literary works are found in stone material.

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