We know that persons belonging to various places donated gold and other thing in temple which were at very distance from their native. Such donation is recorded is seen in the following inscription. The inscription is at the south wall of a Viṣṇu temple of Govindapātī village near Arakkonam. The record belongs to be the period of Rājarāja I and can be dated as 988 CE since it refers the third regnal year of the king.

          The inscription is of two portions a Sanskrit verse followed by the Tamil part. The Sanskrit verse informs that āditya donated 30 gold coins for feeding a Brahmin in a Maṭha at Govindapāṭi. Tamil portion gives the name of the donor as Madhurāntakan ādicca piḍāran, son of VīraCoḹa Iḷaṅgoveḷār.

The inscription is published in the S.I.I Vol 13 with the number 33.

Line 1: स्वस्तिश्री राजराजे समवति भुवं
Line 2: वत्सरे यस्तृतीये श्रीमत् गोविन्द
Line 3: पाट्याम्रुचिभवतिलकः काममादित्यनामा।
Line 4: प्रादात् त्रिंशत् सुवर्ण्णं समशनविध
Line 5: ये भूसुरेन्दोत्तमस्य श्रीमानाचन्द्र
Line 6: तारं त्रिदशतरुसमो याचकानां प्र
Line 7: दाने। சிரி கோவிராஜகேசரி பன்மர்க்கு யாண்டு ௩ஆவது
Line 8: கோநாட்டு கொடும்பாளூர் வீரசோழஇளங்கோவேளான் ம
Line 9: கன் மதுராந்தகன் ஆச்சபிடாரந் தாமர்கோட்டத்து வல்லநாட்டு ஸ்ரீ
Line 10: கோவிஞ்சபாடி மடத்தில் உண்ண வ…




राजराजे समवति भुवं वत्सरे यस्तृतीये

श्रीमत् गोविन्दपाट्याम्रुचिभवतिलकः काममादित्यनामा।

प्रादात् त्रिंशत् सुवर्ण्णं समशनविधये भूसुरेन्दोत्तमस्य

श्रीमानाचन्द्रतारं त्रिदशतरुसमो याचकानां प्रदाने।

          While Rājarāja was ruling, in his third year, Āditya, who is comparable to Kalpaka tree for those who implode him, gave thirty Gold (coins) for feeding a finest Brahmin till the moon and sun exist at prosperous Govindapāṭī.

சிரி கோவிராஜகேசரி பன்மர்க்கு யாண்டு ௩ஆவது கோநாட்டு கொடும்பாளூர் வீரசோழஇளங்கோவேளான் மகன் மதுராந்தகன் ஆச்சபிடாரந் தாமர்கோட்டத்து வல்லநாட்டு ஸ்ரீகோவிஞ்சபாடி மடத்தில் உண்ண வ…

In the third year of Rājakesari Varma, Madhurāntakan ācca piḍāraṉ, son of Vīṛa Coḹa Ilaṅgoveḷ of Kḍumbālūr of Konāḍu, for the feeding at the Govindapāḍi at Valla Naḍu division and in Dāmal koṭṭam ………

The inscription is not complete and the term ācca piḍāran can be taken as ādicca piḍāran.

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