As we see in printed books, punctuation marks are also seen in manuscript. In Sanskrit manuscript, we can find Daṇḍa(।) or stroke. Both the single and double are used in Sanskrit verses. In  prose also single Daṇḍa is use at the end of sentence and double is used at the end of a paragraph. Sometimes, double daṇḍa dash double daṇḍa (।।-।।) is used to denote the end of section. Some manuscripts the design like í is used in this point. Chapter numbers are also seen between the two double daṇḍas.

          Normally space is not seen between words. They will be continuously written. Even letters are also written separately.


          Abbreviations are also seen in manuscripts. For example “Go” is used for Gotra. The “o” is used to denote the doubling of consonants. Sometimes numbers are used to denote the repetition of word. For example punaḥ 2 is used to denote Punaḥ punaḥ.

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